Promotions & Incentives

Not that switching to safe and reliable natural gas isn’t its own reward, but we’re going one step further in showing our appreciation for you by offering two exciting incentives to our customers.

Receive a free 40-gallon natural vent gas water heater!

To qualify to receive a free 40-gallon natural vent gas water heater, you must be a homeowner converting from another energy source, such as electric or propane, and you must live within the ORUD service district. If you require a different size or model of water heater, then you will get $385 off the price when purchased from ORUD. You simply pay the difference! An ORUD inspector can assist you in determining the proper size and type water heater to meet your needs, as well as letting you know the installation costs by scheduling a free estimate.

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Get a $385 credit on your bill when you convert your main heat source to natural gas!

ORUD will apply a $385 credit on the customer’s gas bill for main heat source converted from another energy source to natural gas or any new construction. No cash refund will be allowed.

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