Carbon Monoxide Safety

Carbon Monoxide, a gas without color, odor or taste, is produced when gasoline and other fuels burn. When there is inadequate ventilation, carbon monoxide can become concentrated and have severe consequences, such as poisoning.

The most common sources of carbon monoxide are automobiles, furnaces and boilers that have not been properly maintained. Nobody is immune to carbon monoxide poisoning, but pregnant women, small children, older citizens, and people with heart or respiratory issues are more at risk. The best prevention for carbon monoxide problems is to have appliances installed properly and periodically inspected by a professional.

How to tell if you might have carbon monoxide poisoning:

  • Do you have flu-like symptoms? (nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, vomiting, confusion)
  • Are you disoriented? Often, victims become aware they aren’t well, but are too disoriented to save themselves