Call 811 Before You Dig

TN One Call


1-800-351-1111 or Dial 811 – Tennessee One Call

Whether you are building an addition, laying a patio, planting a garden, or just digging a post hole for a mailbox, it’s the law to make this call. Please CALL TENNESSEE ONE CALL, THE STATEWIDE NOTIFICATION SERVICE at least three days in advance so that all Oak Ridge Utility District owned buried pipe may be located and marked for you at no charge. All digging in the vicinity of piping should be carefully done by hand. This will avoid the inconvenience of disrupted service, personal injury and expensive repairs.

If someone damages underground utilities without calling first, Tennessee law imposes civil penalties up to $10,000 in addition to actual damages, including repair and lost gas.

If a gas main or service line is exposed during digging, call Oak Ridge Utility District. Proper attention to pipe that has been exposed will prevent problems later.