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We invite you to visit our showroom. We sell and install natural gas water heaters, ranges/cooktops, dryers, grills, gas log sets and full fireplaces.

Why make the switch to natural gas?

Water Heaters

  • Many models still offer your family hot water when the power is out
  • Tanked water heaters recover in nearly half the time as their comparable electric models
  • Tankless Water Heaters Tankless models save space due to their compact size
  • They also provide an endless supply of hot water


  • Natural gas ranges offer more precise heat control and even cooking temperatures
  • Using a gas range will save you money because they cost about half as much as electric ranges to operate


  • Natural gas appliances typically have a longer life span than their electric counterparts
  • Gas dryers cost less to operate vs. electric dryers

Gas Logs/Fireplaces

  • Offers supplemental heat during a power outage
  • No electricity required


  • No more cleaning up messy charcoal
  • Never run out of propane while grilling again

Pool Heaters

  • Provides you a comfortable water temperature that gives you an extended swimming season                                                                                                                         (ORUD does not sell or install pool heaters)

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