Legal Information

I understand the Oak Ridge Utility District (ORUD) takes this application subject to acceptance. I acknowledge I have read and understand, and agree to all terms of this application. I acknowledge the receipt of a copy of this application for new service.


Service lines will be billed at the rate of $4.00 per foot, with credit being given for up to 1500 feet for the installation of certain equipment. ORUD will not be responsible for sowing or otherwise repairing of landscape over and above acceptable (in ORUD’s opinion) workmanship. All extraordinary repairs including, but not limited to, pavement replacement will be at customers’ expense. I hereby request the above service from ORUD. I understand if I have received any estimate for the cost of installation of service lines, that these estimates have been given in good faith but do not represent a firm cost to provide these services. I agree to pay the full amount established after work is completed. I understand if I qualify for any promotional water heater program and/or the appliance program, I will not attain ownership to any water heater or appliance(s) until I have satisfied all payments for the cost of the service line installation, completed installation of the water heater or appliance(s), and natural gas service rendered according to all rules and regulations. I also grant ORUD, its servants, agents, and/or contractors, the right of ingress and egress for operation, inspection, and maintenance of all utility improvements. I agree to hold ORUD harmless and release ORUD, along with all employees, from all liability resulting from the proper construction, operation and maintenance of the utility improvements. I further agree to follow and obey all rules and regulations of ORUD now in effect or promulgated in the future. ORUD shall have the right, but shall not be obligated, to inspect any installation before natural gas service is introduced or at any later time, and reserves the right to reject any wiring, piping, or appliances not in accordance with ORUD standards, but such inspections or failure to inspect or reject shall not be regarded as an insurance against defects in installation, wiring , piping or appliances and shall not render ORUD liable or responsible for any loss or damage resulting from defects in installation, wiring, piping, or appliances in violation of ORUD’s rules and regulations or accidents which may occur upon the customer’s premises. RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMERS: There shall be a payment of $50.00 to ORUD as a non-refundable initiation of service fee. If reconnected for nonpayment a $75.00 non-refundable connection payment is required. The Online Utility Exchange rating establishes deposits for ORUD accounts. The Online Utility Exchange provides ORUD credit and past utility information to determine the amount of the deposit required. Deposits range from $150.00 to $200.00. If the customer declines to provide ORUD with proper identification, including Social Security number, the deposit will be $200.00. With proper identification and dependent on information furnished by the Online Utility Exchange, the deposit will range from $150.00 to $200.00. Deposits may also be waived if the Online Utility Exchange qualifies the rating. ORUD will hold the deposit. This deposit account may be refunded according to ORUD refund procedures/policy. RESIDENTIAL UNITS UNDER CONSTRUCTION: All service initiation fees and deposits shall be waived to any builder who has established credit with ORUD. Should any builder fail to properly pay any outstanding charges for natural gas service, appliances, or service work, management may require the builder to be treated as a commercial account for deposit purposes. COMMERCIAL CUSTOMERS APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: There shall be a payment of $50.00 to ORUD as a non-refundable initiation of service fee. If reconnected for nonpayment a $75.00 non-refundable connection payment is required. All commercial customers are required to post a security of payment (deposit) for services which shall be calculated by ORUD policy. ORUD commercial customers whose accounts have been disconnected or turned over for collections will have their deposit recalculated and could be charged a higher amount based on load and risk factor. INDUSTRIAL CUSTOMERS: Industrial customers’ security of payment for services shall be calculated by ORUD policy. PREVIOUS APPLICANTS: The undersigned hereby certifies that all past accounts with ORUD have been paid in full whether in the name used on the application, names used on previous applications or prior accounts outstanding in which you resided as either an individual or member of a group using gas service provided by ORUD.A 5% LATE FEE will be assessed for payments received by ORUD after the due date. PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS: Customers may be eligible for a payment arrangement based on ORUD payment arrangement criteria. If payment arrangements are in default, service may be disconnected within 24 hours without notice. RETURN MAIL: If ORUD receives return mail and has reasonable suspicion that you no longer live at your address and your bill has not been paid by its due date, you will agree that this account is in default (see below default). You understand it is your responsibility to update your forwarding address to ORUD. DEFAULT: Accounts not paid pursuant to ORUD disconnection policy are in default and subject to discontinued service. If your account is in default, you agree that you shall be responsible for all unsatisfied charges, 35% collection fees, attorney fees and court costs associated with the default and collection of this debt. Until defaulted account(s) are paid in full and re-evaluated deposits are posted and paid, new service will not be provided. If your account is in default, a final notice letter will be mailed indicating the amount owed, a pay-by date, and the communication that your natural gas bill is subject to be discontinued without further notice if the balance remains unpaid. Failure to receive a bill does not relieve customer of payment responsibility. VOLUNTARY SURRENDER/REPOSSESSION: If you should not make or complete payments in a timely manner according to ORUD policy, you agree that you shall voluntarily surrender or ORUD may repossess the appliance(s) for which you’re in default, and you will still be responsible for all unsatisfied charges, along with all reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs associated with the collection of this debt. CHANGE OF RESIDENCE: All outstanding amounts shall immediately become due and payable if the residence set forth herein shall no longer be your primary residence. GAS LIGHT LEASE AGREEMENT: Certain sub-divisions have deed restrictions requiring the homeowner to pay for gas consumption and amortization of equipment cost. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to determine this information if their property is subject to said obligation.

NOTICE: Natural gas is odorless, colorless and non-toxic so ORUD adds an odorant to make it easier to smell for your protection. If you smell natural gas, call ORUD immediately at 865-483-1377 or toll free at 1-888-483-1377. If the odor is strong, evacuate the area immediately, and call ORUD from a safe location. Do not use matches, open flames or other devices that may produce a spark, including turning electrical switches on or off to lights, appliances, computers, etc. Do not re-enter the area until an ORUD representative says it’s safe to return. UNDERGROUND GAS PIPE MAINTENANCE: Be aware it is your responsibility to maintain all gas lines located beyond the gas meter. Federal regulations require that ORUD informs you that you should periodically check all buried piping for leakage and/or corrosion (if the piping is metallic). If an unsafe condition is discovered, you should call ORUD at 865-483-1377 or toll free 1-888-483-1377 for assistance in securing repairs. EXCESS FLOW VALVES (EFVS) FOR NEW AND REPLACED SERVICE LINES: EFVs are mechanical safety devices installed inside the natural gas service line between the street and meter. The EFV will “trip or close” if there is su¡cient damage to the natural gas service line to minimize the flow of natural gas through the line and thusly the amount of gas that escapes into the atmosphere. However, an EFV is not designed to protect against leaks beyond the meter assembly (house piping) within the home. ORUD currently installs EFVs on all new or replaced service lines at no cost for single family residences, multi-family residences, and small commercial businesses consuming gas volumes not exceeding 1,000 standard cubic feet per hour (SCFH). EFVS FOR EXISTING SERVICE LINES: Existing service line customers who desire an EFV installed on service lines not exceeding 1,000 SCFH may request for an EFV to be installed. The cost to install, maintain and replace an EFV on an existing service line will be the responsibility of the customer. Once a request has been made, ORUD will install the EFV at a mutually agreeable date and will charge the customer the actual cost of installation. Should any future maintenance or replacement of an EFV be required, it will be charged at actual cost incurred to complete the work. The EFV will remain the property of ORUD. CALL BEFORE YOU DIG: You must contact the Tennessee One Call Center at 811 three working days prior to digging around gas piping in order for ORUD to properly locate District-owned piping. This is a free service and is required by law.

I agree to follow and obey all rules and regulations of ORUD now in effect or promulgated in the future. I hereby declare that the information given on this application is complete and accurate. If there are any changes I understand that I must notify ORUD immediately with the updated information. In addition, I am authorizing ORUD to obtain a credit report(s) in the connection with this application and for any update, increase, renewal or collection on behalf of ORUD. I understand that ORUD relies on the information in this application and account pay history(s) to make decisions. Upon written request ORUD will provide the name of the credit bureau or company from which ORUD received the credit report for this application request.

Note: It is a federal crime to willfully and deliberately provide incomplete or incorrect information on this application.